Sawmill & Pups

On a recent trip home, I finally milled 8 big pine logs that were given to me by a local tree service.  These are logs removed from nearby properties that would have otherwise been burned as waste.  It feels good to know that what would have been wasted has been turned into something that will go into building things that could last another generation or more.

The logs had been stacked for 2 years and most of the bark had been removed.  I cut most of the wood into 2×4 and 2×6 lumber and then milled several 12×12 beams and some large slabs (about 3,000 board feet).  All of the wood has now been stacked under the shed for further air drying.

Unfortunately, my usual help was not available so I had to do all of this work solo.  Solo, that is, with my invaluable Kubota which you see in the background.  None of this would be possible without that faithful workhorse.




Lucas mill & lumber – Kubota in background


Lucas mill & lumber & bench slab



12' x 24" + x 2.75" Pine slab

12′ x 24″ + x 2.75″ Pine slab





While I worked, I also discovered a litter of new pups hanging out in my lumber shed. They were just about weened off of mom and were very hungry – and noisy.  BARK, an animal shelter in Belzoni, MS found good homes for all of them.  Thanks to BARK!  On my next trip we are going to try to start trapping the stray dogs so they can be spayed and neutered.  This is the second litter of pups we’ve found around our house in the last 3 years.

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