K-9 Units

Domino is another stray that we picked up a couple of years ago.  Vet says that she is an Australian Shepard type.  She has survived a shattered femur (she thought it was a good idea to jump out of the back of my truck at 30 mph) and a bout of heart worms.  Look at her now!  Here she is (left) in one of the conservation food plots trying to locate some wild hogs and (middle) getting started on her 2012 tan.  Photo on the right is when we first found her under our house.  Cougar is the older dog in the background and on the home page header picture.  She passed on last year after 9 happy years on the farm.

During the summer of 2012 we raised a litter of pups (see blog post) and kept one and named her Zoe.  She is a beauty – she’s the white dog below.   Unfortunately, we lost Zoe in the spring of 2014 due to a rare illness that the MSU Vet School couldn’t even identify.  We sure do miss her.

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