2014 Update:

Well, Claudia pushed through this year and gained her IFR certification.  What an achievement!  She worked super hard and got ‘er done!  205JN also performed well through the entire process – she’s a champ of an aircraft. She got a new (overhauled) prop and VG’s (vortex generators) this year and is flying better than ever.

I’ve cut back a bit on the flying since Claudia was concentrating on the IFR cert but I did get in some Citabria hours this year.   I got a basic aerobatic certification last year and got some practice in this year.  The Citabria is a kick in the pants – especially for aerobatic maneuvers.  I’m keeping it simple and sticking to loops and rolls for now.

Andy's Citabria at KTVR

Andy’s Citabria at KTVR

Citabria @ Nash Strip

Citabria @ Nash Strip

Our C-182 just fitted after having prop overhauled

Our C-182 after having overhauled prop hung

Colorado - Boulder Airport

Colorado – Boulder Airport