Tables For Sale

The Lucas portable swing-blade sawmill produces everything from 2″x 2″ dimensional lumber up to the super large slabs and beams.  Most slabs are “live edge” which just means that the natural edge of the tree is left in-tact.  Some have “bow-ties” which are small bow-tie shaped pieces of wood embedded & glued into a natural split to stabilize the piece from further splitting.

Shown below are some of the pieces we’ve built with lumber from the mill and currently have for sale.

Computerized design service is also available for customized table bases and to help you with your planning. Please contact me at if you have any questions.  The pricing shown may vary depending on the individual piece selected by the customer.   Shipping is not included in prices shown below but I can provide delivery and set-up for a reasonable fee.

See also these past blog posts for more pictures:


Finished with base

Finished with base

This highly figured salvaged red oak slab has lots of character.  We use  “bow ties” to stabilize natural splits in the wood and provide added interest.  This slab has been machine planed & sanded with a light oak stain applied then finished with 5 coats of polyurethane. The tri-leg base is built with other slab pieces.

Price: $1,800



Porch Coffee Table Top View

Porch Coffee Table Top View

Another red oak slab table with “bow ties” at each end. This slab has been machine planed & sanded with a light oak stain applied and finished with polyurethane.  It’s currently on a simple provisional base but we can provide a variety of table bases depending on customer needs.  This piece would also make a fine bench or fireplace mantel.

Price: $950 “as is”


12' x 40" x 3" thick Workbench on pine base

12′ x 40″ x 3″ thick
Workbench on pine base before stain application

12' x 40" x 3" thick Workbench on pine base

12′ x 40″ x 3″ thick
Workbench on pine base with dark oak stain







This massive piece or red oak weighs close to 500 lbs.  and is the centerpiece of this wing of the workshop.  It has been machine planed perfectly flat and rests on a base  of heavy pine.   Built to work and support anything you throw onto it.

Price for a similar build:  $2900


8' x 36" + x 3" thick red oak live edge slab

8′ x 36″ + x 3″ thick red oak live edge slab

Installation of “bow tie”







This unfinished, salvaged red oak slab has lots of figure and utilizes “bow ties” to stabilize cracks.  This slab has been machine planed and belt sanded.  We have a good stock of slabs similar in size available for custom bases and finishing.

Price for similar slab: $1,900



12' x 24" + x 2.75" Pine slab

12′ x 24″ + x 2.75″ Pine slab

We have long “live edge” slabs available for counter tops or benches.  Most range from 2.75 to 4″ thick and from 8 to 12 feet long.  These slabs are not finished.  We can plane, build bases and finish slabs per customer requirements or customer can purchase slabs “as is”.

Price: $600 as shown unfinished



Oak coffee table

Oak “live edge” slab coffee table

Slab table in home

Slab table in home

We currently have 32″x54″ (dimensions vary) oak slabs in stock.  Base shapes and heights can be configured to your needs.  This example has a light golden oak stain and boiled linseed oil finish.

Price: $1,200 with base



The workbench

Precision Workbench

This 108″ x 24″ x 3″ workbench provides a perfectly flat top surface with ample clamping power for any type of craft work. Leave off the clamps and it works as a beautiful kitchen prep table. This table features a precision flattened white oak laminated (2×4’s) top, a massive red oak base on heavy duty casters and hickory accent pieces used to build the work vices.

Price: $3900 (with Woodcraft end vice & shoulder vice) $2900 (w/o vices)


Pecan Table

Pecan Milling Table or Cutting Board

This 60″ x 21″ x 2-3/4″ solid pecan farm table is built with mortise & tenon construction techniques – no screws or nails.  The table top is also a fully functioning hardwood cutting board finished with non-toxic mineral oil. It is shown here with a fully functional grain mill (not included).

Price: $2400




Unfinished Red oak "Fish cleaning" table

Unfinished oak slab “Fish camp” table

This table was built for cleaning fish at the customers fish camp. He purchased the table unfinished (as shown) and then sanded and finished the table with non-toxic mineral oil.

Price: $900 unfinished with oak base




Unfinished oak slab work tables

These unplaned, unfinished “live edge” tables were built for the workshop.  These large 96″x32″x3″ thick tables are super heavy and won’t move around even under the stress of your workshop activities.  Exact top dimensions will vary depending on slab choice and customer requirements.   Includes heavy base with 4×4″ oak legs & pine stringers.  Sink not included in price.

Price: $1,500 ea.


Other freshly machine planed slabs

Red Oak 36" x 54" x 4"

Red Oak
36″ x 54″ x 4″

Red Oak 36" x 8' x 4"

Red Oak
36″ x 8′ x 4″

Red Oak 36" x 54" x 4"

Red Oak
36″ x 54″ x 4″