Red Oak Tables

A while back, I posted a blog about the 54” oak tree that I had to remove from my backyard.  It was one my granddad planted back in the 1930’s.  It had begun to succumb to old age and based on past experience, I decided to take it down before it fell and  took my house.  Here is the previous link…

Recently, Tom Johnson expressed an interest in having tables built for a new restaurant he’s opening in downtown Yazoo City.  My friend Kendall arranged the details and we built a prototype for Tom to look at.  Tom gave us the go ahead.  We built 10 tables with the oak from grand dad’s oak tree and they are now installed in the restaurant.  The tables feature a full depth 1 1/2″ solid pecan (hickory) border around solid 3/4″ red oak planks with a plywood sub frame for stability.  They are bolted to metal commercial restaurant bases provided by the customer.

Below is a photo from the day of delivery and as you can see, Tom was still putting the finishing touches on the interior prior to opening.

Tables delivered and attached to metal bases
10 Tables delivered and attached to metal bases

Check out Tom’s website.  We are really excited to have a new place to eat in Yazoo and I’m sure Tom will do a great job.  Good luck Tom!

I’m really happy that my wood is going somewhere that it’ll be enjoyed often.

We made it in to eat early saturday evening and were surprised that there were no tables available.  Tom did some juggling and squeezed us in just ahead of another reservation.  We had the Osso Buco and the red fish and both were fantastic.  Funny, I haven’t seen Osso Buco on a restaurant menu anywhere outside of New York City, where real Italian food is part of the fabric of life.  What a shock to see it here in downtown Yazoo City!!   Service was great too.  We are looking forward to many good dinners here in the future.

Restaurant opens this week 1-24-13

Restaurant opens this week 1-24-13

Tom's is filling up by 6:30 pm.

Tom’s is filling up by 6:30 pm.









UPDATE: 6/20/2016 –  Tables are holding up very well after 2.5 years.  I’ve made some small repairs and re-varnished the tables.  I’ve learned that Tom’s is a very harsh environment for a wooden table top!  The crew there has really put these tables through everything possible but they look as good or better today as they did when they came out of the shop.

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