We are currently exploring the Soberania National Park in Panama. The park runs more or less parallel and south East of the Panama canal. The park is bisected by “Pipeline Road” where the US built an emergency fuel delivery pipeline in WWII in case the canal was bombed. Thankfully , it was never put into service.

This place should be on your bucket list! The wildlife and scenery is breathtaking.  The sounds of Howler monkeys, Toucans (the loudest in the jungle) and a myriad frogs, insects and other birds are a delight to the ear – at least until the sun goes down!  This shot (above) and many more like it were taken during a 17 km hike on the pipeline.

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  1. E says:

    Glad to see you two are doing well.

    Safe travels,

    M.E. and me

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