Surprise harvest

These elephant garlic grew “volunteer” from last years crop.  Since they were kind of in the way, I dug them a bit early to make room for other stuff.  One of these is softball sized.  The main garlic bed I’ll leave until they bloom and dry in May before digging.  You can never have too much garlic!

The garlic goes into tomato sauce and pesto recipes.  I have so much that I run it through the food processor and make a sort of puree.  It then goes into ziploc bags and into the freezer.  You can pull it out, break off a chunk and toss it into any dish.

Health benefits of garlic are legendary.  A neighbor “George” can be seen on any given day pulling up a bulb and eating it raw for that reason.  Once, I asked him if it gave him bad breath.  He said “that’s the people’s problem”.   If you are offended by “garlic breath” you might not want to get too close to George.

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