The Eagle has landed

Eagle just before landing in west woods

Yesterday morning, in a steady drizzle, my dog Zoe and I were just starting our walk.  As I took my first steps, I sensed some movement ahead and was completely shocked to see the very first bald eagle ever on our farm.  I was so shaken that it took me a minute or so to get the camera setup to shoot and by then the eagle had flown about a thousand yards away.  I had done some indoor shooting the night before and the camera was not set to shoot 1000 yds. in the rain.  I fumbled almost dropping the camera before finally getting everything set and taking this shot.

I took about 30 pictures and all the rest were too poor to publish or even to make out the eagle.  Strangely enough, this one was the first shot I got off.

This is just another example of how conservation efforts in the area are beginning to pay dividends.  What a beautiful and unexpected sight!  I recently saw a Sora, another bird that I had never seen before on the farm.  It’s nice to see things appear that you’ve never seen before.


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