Rites of Spring


Citabria loves landing on the grass

Last weekend brought us spectacular spring weather with temps in the 70’s.  We have not had a winter here in Mississippi in many years and this winter was no exception.  Actually, we’ve just had a nice, prolonged fall.   I took the opportunity to shake the dust off and fly the Citabria and enjoy the always exhilarating feeling of airplane wheels on a grass airstrip.


I landed at Wayne Nash’s strip where Wayne (now retired) flew agricultural missions for many years.  One crop duster and 4 other aircraft still operate out of this well maintained grass strip.

I gave him a quick hand picking up debris in his garden plot while he worked on getting his John Deere started after a few months of inactivity.  In the photo below, he gives his garden it’s initial spring plowing.


Nash on John Deere Tractor

Most folks around here start planting the garden after good Friday.  It might be earlier unless the warm weather gives way.  Nash thanked me for helping but I reminded him that I’d be collecting my due in tomatoes later this year!


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