Respite from the City

At times, being in the middle of a city of 25 million can be suffocating – in every sense of the word.  Especially after spending the last 12 years on 17 acres way out in the country.  Mexico City is massive as it takes at least an hour by car with normal traffic to get anywhere near the edge of the city from here. And with traffic – well, who knows?

Recently, a neighbor told me about a great park very close to (less than a mile) the apartment where dogs are allowed and you can also jog or walk on a nice trail.  I was skeptical but decided I had nothing to loose and searched it out.  It’s called Gandhi park and is situated directly adjacent to Chapultepec Park which is Mexico City’s “central” park.  The huge 1700 acre Chapultepec park is also where the zoo, the world renowned anthropological museum, art museums and even the president of Mexico live.

It takes us about 15 minutes to walk to Gandhi.  It’s probably around 10 acres of mostly eucalyptus trees some of which are 5 feet in diameter.  There are also lots of understory trees which gives the park a very natural forest feel.

Gandhi turned out to be just the spot I was looking for and even the dog “Domino” is right at home here.  The parks squirrel population  keeps her quite entertained while I run x-country through the forested interior of the park.   The squirrels are used to the many dogs that visit the park (all want to eat them) and are generally safe since they seldom wander more than a few feet away from a vertical escape route.  The center of the park provides open ground and a cushion of leaves, perfect for low impact running.

Domino on the hunt for squirrels - Gandhi Park

Domino on the hunt for squirrels – Gandhi Park


Some days can be busy with lots of visitors, the weekends being especially so.  However, during the week I often find myself there alone or with one or two other people walking their dogs. Today was one of those days.



To be in such a beautiful park, alone, enjoying a respite from a crazy city of 25 million….Priceless.

Ramon & Domino

Ramon & Domino

Back at the apartment, one of our security guards has found the key to Domino’s heart.  Sweet Mexican cornbread.  Domino hardly gave him the time of day for the first month we were here. Then one day, Ramon flipped her a piece of the delicious bread he always keeps on hand.  Now they are thick as thieves as you can see here.


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