Pecan Table Revisited

The solid Pecan “mortise & tenon” table I built last summer finally came in out of the shop.  The main impediment to moving it was it’s weight.  At over 400lbs, it is a beast that is more than capable of snapping the backs of mere mortals.  That’s why I used the front forks on the tractor to lift the table up to the back door, set it on blocks and then rolled it inside.  My guess is that it will stay put in it’s current location for some time to come – probably until the house falls down around it or because of it.

In wood working circles Pecan is more generally referred to as Hickory for the larger family to which it belongs.  The clear grain and beautiful red hue make it a natural fit for rustic settings like we have here on the farm.   Not only is it a beautiful wood for furniture making but it is also world famous for it’s ability to flavor meats on the barbeque.

To view the assembly of the table from a previous post see:

P Table 1 P Table 2

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  1. S. Corcoran says:

    So, if a tornado comes… just hide under that sucker- you’ll be safe for sure! 400+ pounds! wow. Seriously though, it looks stunning. What a neat thing to have forever, it’s such a great fit in your house.

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