Jamaica Market, Flowers & the Nutri Bullet

I wanted to pass along this pic as we just started using our new Nutri Bullet (blender).   I’ve read some bad reviews due to leaking, blade rust and the tabs breaking on the lids.  It’s pretty convenient having the drinking cup as part of the blender  The fluorescent green smoothies are all the rage here in Mexico City and with all of the great food available here, I can see why.
UPDATE: Feb 20, 2015.  Nutri bullet is dead.  Another crappy Chinese appliance contributing to the massive pile of garbage we produce every day.  Good while it lasted.  Should have read the reviews.
Veggies & Fruit & the NB

Veggies & Fruit & the NB

We’re excited especially since we have a super mega fruit & veggie (and everything else you can imagine) market called “Mercado Jamaica” not far from home.  I was going to take pics of the market but a bunch of folks have already done that.  Check out a couple of interesting blogs I found….amazing.
We’ve learned that every “Colonia” or neighborhood in Mexico city has such a market though Jamaica is one of the very largest.  Each one has multiple sections – Fruits & veggies, meats, clothing, flowers, sit down eating spots, etc.  Some specialize – as does the “Hidalgo” market in new and used hardware.  Man, was I in heaven walking through that one!
Flowers from Jamaica Market (1 of 1)

Flowers from Jamaica Market

The flower market at Jamaica was impressive.  Actually, no picture could possibly describe it.  You have to see it to appreciate the sheer size of the area.  Seeing (and smelling) millions of flowers in one spot like this will leave you speechless.   The roses (the second link I sent you)  were selling for 30 pesos for 6 dozen.  That’s about $2.50 USD/6 doz. or about 42 cents a dozen.  I couldn’t resist picking up a few flowers for the apartment.

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