Flintstone table

I finally finished the “Flintstone” table, then shipped it and installed it in our apartment in Mexico City.  It is really nice to have a couple of pieces of furniture from home around so we don’t get too homesick. The dog made the space in front of the table her permanent spot as soon as the table was put in place.  I think she misses home too.

Original post: http://barrackfarms.com/wordpress/rustic-coffee-table-made-from-sawmill-slabs/

Slab table in Mexico City Apartment

Slab table in Mexico City Apartment


Table was finished with boiled linseed oil (probably 12 coats) and would still soak up more oil.  I’ll continue to apply oil every few months to keep the finish fresh.  Having R.W. Emerson on the table gives it a certain air of sophistication.



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