Blue Winged Teal & pup

Back in the spring, I posted some info on Blue Winged Teal.  These waterfowl are usually the last going north in the spring and first to arrive in the fall.   We’ve been able to keep enough water in the moist soils area to give waterfowl a place to hang out and we saw this one this morning while walking the dogs.  We’ve also had the Whistling ducks around all summer but have not seen them in a few weeks.

We kept one puppy out of the recent litter of pups we raised and her name is “Zoe”.  Here I’m walking the dogs through the water to help her get used to the idea.  She’s about 10 weeks old now and her “water dog” training is coming along on schedule.

I also saw the first Northern Harrier about a week ago (no photo) which is another bird that arrives in the fall and spends the winter here.

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