Another one in the tank

We had another “brew day” yesterday and Claudia & I were joined by some fellow brew club members – Juan & Chesa and Pete.  As we are just getting back in to brewing and have a million questions, these guys were as useful as they were entertaining to have around during the process.  Both Pete and Juan have a lot of brewing experience and were able to get me through the rough spots and advise on how to do it better the next time.

Porter (Primary Ferm) IPA (Secondary)

Porter (Primary Ferm)
IPA (Secondary)

Here we see the newly brewed, very dark,  “White House Porter” already developing a nice krausen (foam head) as the yeast gobbles sugar and turns it into that coveted elixir – alcohol.  The IPA in the background with the contrasting amber color was just siphoned off of it’s original fermenting bottle into this “secondary” bottle so that the remaining sediment can fall away leaving (hopefully) a clear, hoppy IPA.  I can’t wait!  Total time from brew day to glass is usually a month to 6 weeks depending on the style of beer.  More conditioning or aging is usually better for the final product.  Patience is a difficult thing.

The goal is to have 3 beers in kegs by December and we are well on the way to meeting that goal.  Thanks again to Juan, Chesa & Pete.  Cheers!


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