A good day

The long awaited “first” 2013 tomato was picked a few minutes ago.  Anyone who grows tomatoes knows how excruciating that wait can be.  Green tomatoes seem to fill the vines and hang there for weeks refusing to break pink – the first outward signal that they are going to give up the ghost and begin the week long death march (ripening) that ends on our table.

Below is a portrait of the first organic tomato of the season – picked just before ripening completely to avoid the inevitable bug damage that occurs if you leave them on the vine too long.  They’ll ripen fine on the kitchen island.  Also, experts say that a more acidic disposition can be had by picking the tomatoes just before full ripening.

First Ripening Tomato 2013

First Ripening Tomato 2013


I had every intention of planting roses for my beautiful bride here but decided that one cannot make tomato sauce out of roses.


Edible Landscaping


The garden plot is doing well due to a moist, relatively cool spring and start to summer.  We’ve been chowing on  zucchini  and yellow squash for a month now and the basil is sweet and plentiful.  Banana peppers are also stacking up.


Family Garden

A good day is a day you can pick a tomato outside your back door.


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